M4 Corridor around Newport draft Plan

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The Welsh Government is now considering your views on a draft Plan, which aims to address transport related problems on the M4 around Newport. If implemented, it would lead to a motorway being built south of Newport.


Transport and access to services, homes, work and leisure are issues affecting us all, and we thank everyone who has participated in this draft Plan public consultation. The results will help the Welsh Government to decide whether to adopt the draft Plan, with or without amendment.


The Welsh Government has undertaken a public consultation on the draft Plan (Black Route). Comments have been sought on two reasonable alternatives to the draft Plan and a Do Minimum scenario which considers consequences of doing nothing above what is already planned. The main elements of the two reasonable alternatives are a dual carriageway (Red Route) and a three lane motorway (Purple Route). All routes would also have complementary measures.


The draft Plan does not include public transport measures because the Welsh Government has commissioned a separate study and report on proposals to develop a metro system for South East Wales. The report will focus on how a metro system could support economic growth and regeneration at key locations across South East Wales.


A number of assessments are also being undertaken, on which the Welsh Government has sought your views as part of this Consultation, including:


• Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA);

• Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA);

• Health Impact Assessment (HIA); and

• Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA).


These consider the potential environmental, health and equality impacts of the draft Plan, its reasonable alternatives and the Do Minimum scenario. These are separate documents but are included in this draft Plan Consultation. As such, they will be reviewed and finalised to take into account and address any comments arising from the consultation.

Consultation Document (English)

Single Response Form (English)

M4 4 page Leaflet (Bilingual)